Peer-reviewed academic articles

2018    Ahlin, Tanja. What keeps Maya from eating? A case study of disordered eating from North India. Transcultural Psychiatry,


2018    Ahlin, TanjaOnly Near Is Dear? Doing Elderly Care with Everyday ICTs in Indian Transnational FamiliesMedical Anthropology Quarterly 32(1): 85-102


2016    Ahlin, Tanja, Mark Nichter and Gopukrishnan Pillai. Health insurance in India: What do we know and why is ethnographic research needed. Anthropology & Medicine 23(1): 102-124.


2015    Manderson, Lenore, Mark Davis, Chip Colwell and Tanja Ahlin. On Secrecy, Disclosure, the Public, and the Private in Anthropology: An Introduction to Supplement 12. Current Anthropology 56(Supplement 12): S183-S190.


2013    Ahlin, Tanja. Prehajanje praks zdravljenja in z zdravjem povezanih konceptov med kulturami in kontinenti: Joga v Evropi, anoreksija v Aziji (The Travelling of Healing Practices and Health-Related Concepts across Cultures and Continents: Yoga in Europe, Anorexia in Asia). Glasnik SED 53(1-2): 25-31.


2012    Ahlin, Tanja. Of Food and Friendship: The Methods to Understanding Eating Disorders in India. Medische Anthropologie 24(1): 41-56.


2011    Ahlin, Tanja. Technology and Cultural (R)evolution: Can Telemedicine Give Power to the Patients? Curare 34(3): 165-172.


Book contribution

2016    Ahlin, Tanja. E-care in Kerala. In: Manderson, Lenore, Anita Hardon and Elizabeth Cartwright (Eds.).The Routledge Handbook of Medical Anthropology in the 21st Century. Abingdon: Routledge, 171-175.


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Reviews (books, events)

2015    Ahlin, Tanja. Unforgotten: Love and the Culture of Dementia Care in India, Bianca Brijnath. Book review. Somatosphere. Published online December 2.


2015    Ahlin, Tanja, Annelieke Driessen, Natashe Lemos Dekker, Judith Schuehle. MAYS Conference Report. Medicine Anthropology Theory. Published online October 28.


2015    Raffaetà, Roberta, and Tanja Ahlin. The politics of publishing: debating the value of impact factor in medical anthropology (commentary). Anthropology & Medicine. Published online August 6.


2015    Ahlin, Tanja. Transnational Families, Migration and the Circulation of Care: Understanding Mobility and Absence of Care in Family Life, Loretta Baldassar and Laura Merla (Eds.). Book review. Medicine Anthropology Theory. Published online March 18.


2014    Ahlin, Tanja. Ontology as an analytical approach to concerns of medical anthropology. Somatosphere. Published online September 23.