After finishing my BA (Hons) in Translation from English and French into Slovenian at the University of Ljubljana in 2007, I worked mostly as a literary translator. I've translated a bunch of books, poetry, essays and other texts, including several for ARS, a culture-oriented radio channel at the Slovenian national radio.


My favourite translation of all, however, is the collection of poetry by Mary Oliver, a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry (1984). In this book, there are poems I selected from American Primitive, Dream Work, Why I Wake Early and elsewhere. The Slovenian translation was published in the prestigious poetry series 'Nova lirika,' published by 'Mladinska Knjiga' in 2015. The book proved to be extremely popular: the print ran out within months and a second print appeared within a year.


Mary Oliver: Zakaj se zbujam zgodaj. Nova lirika. Ljubljana: Mladinska založba, 2015.


I had the privilege of introducing Ann Armbrecht's ethnographic diary of her fieldwork experiences in Nepal and elsewhere to the Slovenian audience. Armbrecht's book Thin Places is an example of one of the finest writings I have ever come across, and the enthousiastic reactions of the Slovenian readers only confirmed this.


Armbrecht, Ann: Ožine: Romanje domov (Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home). Ljubljana: Cankarjeva založba, 2011.


See also Ann's recent work on medicinal plants, The Sustainable Herbs Project.


These two books I translated are highly influential popular scientific works on how the Internet has changed our life. In The Shallows, Nicolas Carr discusses the impac of the Internet on our memory, concentration, and thinking processes. The book was the finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction.

In The Long Tail, Chris Anderson, then the editor-in-chief of Wired, investigates the role of the Internet in changing the market, especially in terms of opening a place for many niche products that are out there. 


Nicholas Carr: Plitvine: Kako internet vpliva na naše možgane (The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains). Ljubljana: Cankarjeva založba, 2011.


Chris Anderson: Dolgi rep (The Long Tail). Ljubljana: Cankarjeva založba, 2009.

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Academic books
Novels, short stories and poetry

Claire Squires:Trženje literature: Ustvarjanje sodobne književnosti v Veliki Britaniji (Marketing Literature: The Making of Contemporary Writing in Britain). Ljubljana: Cankarjeva založba, 2010.

Francois Jullien: Hvalnica pustosti (L’eloge de la fadeur). Ljubljana: Študentska založba, 2010.


A classic philosophy text, this book was also translated into English by P. M. Versano as In Praise of Blandness and published by MIT.

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Ani Choying Drolma: Moj glas za svobodo (Ma voix pour la liberté), translated in collaboration with Katarina Draškovič.Tržič: Učila International, 2009.

Hear Ani Choying Drolma 

perform with A.R. Rahman andFarah Siraj.

Khady: Pohabljena (Mutilée). Učila International, 2008. This French best-seller is an autobiographic story about female genital mutilation. It was also translated into English as Blood Stains.

Brigitte: Brezdomka v Parizu (J’habite en bas de chez vous). Translated in collaboration with Katarina Draškovič. Ljubljana: Sanje, 2010.


Einar Mar Gudmundsson: Angeli vesolja (Angels of the Universe). Ljubljana: Sodobnost International, 2011.


This novel about a schizoprenic man was also made into a movie - see the trailer.

Te že pogrešam. Francoske kratke zgodbe - Antologija. An anthology of French short stories, selected and translated in collaboration with Ana Geršak. Ljubljana: Sodobnost International, 2011.

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Arnaldur Indridason: Mesto kozarcev (The Jar City). Ljubljana: Didakta, 2010.

Steven Hall: Zapiski iz žrela (The Raw Shark Texts). Ljubljana: Sanje, 2009. 


Kavita: Antologija sodobne indijske poezije (Kavita: Antology of contemporary Indian poetry). Selected and edited by K. Satchidanandan and Evald Flisar, translated by many authors. Ljubljana, Slovenian Writer’s Association, 2015.


Kama Sywor Kamanda: Afriške pravljice (Les contes africaines). In collaboration with Katarina Draškovič. Ljubljana: Sanje, 2009.

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A series of four books by Christian Jacq: Ozirisove skrivnosti I-IV (Les mystères d’Osiris I-IV). Translated in collaboration with Jana Zidar Forte. Tržič: Učila International, 2006-2008.